One of the Most Powerful Form of Prayer in the Life of Jesus here on Earth 2?

Thank you Lord for Today and thank you to all that participated in the previous blog. As a follow up to the last post on this subject, a brethren by the name Joe Shiku, answered the question almost precisely, yes; the most formidable form of prayer in magnitude and provision in the Bible during the time of Jesus Christ was a Prayer of Thanksgiving. If we make thanksgiving our daily habit, accessing Gods presence  will never be an issue. Here are the examples of what thanksgiving does:

  1. You have have to know that life in the spiritual has got gates and the most important gate is the GATE of Gods Courts (the secret place as per Psalm 91) where His presence resides. Thanksgiving enables you to enter God’s presence with no stress. Psalm 100:4
  2. When your Thank God, His PRESENCE inhabits (overshadow & covers) you. Every time we need Gods refreshing  Presence & Glory within and upon us. No sickness, misfortune and satans tricks can penetrate God presence and glory. Thanksgiving provides the channel. Psalm 22:3
  3. With thanksgiving Jesus fed 5000 men minus women and children. Now looking at today’s pattern of church or revival crusades attendance, there are more women and children than men hence with simple thanksgiving Jesus literary fed a community. Thanksgiving makes way for your PROVISION in life. Mathew 14:19 NIV
  4. Lastly, Thanksgiving brought the RESURRECTION of the most talked about death in church in terms of resurrection, that death of Lazarus in John 11:41 NIV. In case your careeer, vision, destiny, wealth, health etc; died, you now know the secret, THANKSGIVING.

Well, you see that thanksgiving is life giving. I urge YOU in the Spirit of the Lord to become and remain ever thankful in all things. Command your circumstances with thanksgiving and as you do so, I see you becoming a champion and rising above all circumstances that are contrary to your life in Jesus Name. Look out for the next blog. I bless you and thank you.

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One of the Most Powerful Form of Prayer in the Life of Jesus here on Earth?


The power of this article is in INTERACTION with the readers who love knowledge and light in Christ Jesus. This article is almost meaningless if never read in full and without your participation by means of a COMMENT on the website of the publisher of this article.

The bible says “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. Mathew 7:7-8

The highest form of prayer by many teachings and common revelations is that of a KNOCKING PRAYER. It is believed that in this level of prayer your spirit prays: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. Romans 8:26

The power of prayer should never be underestimated at any level or time by a believer, generally, prayer opens doors, gives victories against satan, gives us access to heaven & heavenly power (anointing) and keeps us going in the kingdom of God. But Brethren, do you know that there are many who are on the asking level of prayer whilst a few are on the seeking level of prayer and hardly a smaller number in the knocking level where the Spirit of God prays through you. This deadly form of prayer requires your knocking at the gates of Heaven and Courts of God. This leaves me to wonder if there is any other way to get into  Gods presence  quickly with prayers answered other than most forms of prayer like Prayer of Agreement, Prayer of Supplication, Prayer of Faith etc.

Moreover, I have been puzzled that some of the most powerful miracles Jesus did in Bible where not after many forms of prayer but a very specific one. He prayed more oftenly to be in touch with His Father as can be attested in many scriptures in the Bible but he prayed a specific one at the point when some of the most amazing miracle needed to be performed. I agree with the assertion that He may have prayed for that in His private times also but acknowledge that there is still no time shown in the scriptures where he prayed any other prayer to perform some of the  most amazing miracles he performed here on earth than the one to be revealed. If you note, I have centered this article on comparison of general forms of prayer and another specific form that could Jesus used for some of the most amazing miracles to take place. Every miracle Jesus performed was important however, for the context of this article I mean in EXTENT & MAGNITUDE in terms of ECONOMICAL PROWESS & LIFE GIVING as a basis of miracle categorization.

There is one form of prayer that can make you have the same impact Christ Jesus had here on earth in terms of Provision (Economical Power/Unlimited Wealth), Divine Strength and Resurrection of anything dead in your life that needs the life of Jesus and make you visible as a kingdom agent here on Earth.


A healing Praise Report. Glory to God


Hi All, as we continue to overcome the enemy even with our faith in God in this world, Healing is a covenant promise to you. Be blessed as you read, if you have a sickness or an illness I declare by the same anointing that brought healing to this little girl, your are healed in Jesus Name. JESUS is Lord.

Below is the testimony. Jere 30:17a

Morning army, i just want to share with you a testimony. Yesterday i left home and my 11mth old daughter was okey. Around 16 i was called and told the baby was vomiting non stop. By 17hrs she got worse and unstable. My husband called me and told me he was on his way coming to uth with the baby. Before we linked up with my husband i called Evangelist who was in a prayer meeting, he asked me to send a text of which i did. I asked him to help me pray for the baby. People of God by the time the doctor was seeing us, my baby was looking better. A few minutes later she was even talking and playing.  We got home and i gave her drink and water of which she took. Before i even gave her the medicine the baby was playing and active as though it was a different child. We slept with no problem and am even at work. Help me say thank you to God and his servant the Evangelist. We have overcome by the words of our testimony and the blood of the lamb. Stay blessed all. – Sis Songelo.

ATONEMENT – The mystery of re-union between God the father and humanity. (Part 1)


??Just for us – we cant afford to take him back here with our sins daily.

here is no evidence of God’s forgiving mercies and His love for humanity who were totally lost in oblivion under the mastery & bondage of the hard hitting sin driver called the devil (satan), without the atoning work of Christ. Humanity was under the god of this world – 2 Corinthians 4:3-4, who veiled the embodiment of God’s Love & Light Christ Jesus  himself from the minds of unbelievers and all else that have not accepted him as Lord and Savior. Intentional sin is a mockery to the atoning work of Christ Jesus who died to overpower the strong pal of sin on his creation

When Jesus died for humanity and shed his blood on the cross in exchange for our sins which were put on him so that you and I may be forgiven, not only the power of sin but the devil himself was defeated on our behalf here on earth.

 In atonement, Jesus gave up his life, took our sinful life and exchanged it with his divine life. It was an act that enabled us to have and share his life.

Sin & satan himself have no authority over you neither will it ever. Understanding atonement to me has been a life transforming experience that has changed my priorities in life. My focus after that has been to totally live his life as a way of being grateful to his Love and Sacrifice. Listen to me, intentional sin and willful ignorance is a mockery to the work of Christ in atonement. This is found in Hebrews 6:6;

“………because they themselves are crucifying the son of God all over again and subjecting Him to open shame”. 

Listen to me further; when most of these preachers (especially some of grace preachers) tell you that Christ did it for you and there is nothing you need to do to live righteous or holy life, just accept him by faith and continue your life, please be weary of the wrath on Judgement Day due to sin you may have been entangled in by following such messages which are one sided. I personally believe that all believers have one ABSOLUTE RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that we don’t mock the atoning work of Christ in any way by living His life. If sin was hated by Him, we have to be willing not to abuse grace and make intentional grace helped strides to live His Life. His life was that of Purity, Righteousness, Holiness with unadulterated devotion to His father, who is our father.

God is loving and he has detached himself from judging you by allowing your own evil deeds to judge you. John 3:19 especially the last part.  Having repented once and continued living in sin will warrant condemnation i guarantee you that. Its important that Love is also forewarning that why God who is love also gave us commandments to forewarn the consequence of breaking these commandments

In conclusion;

  1. The work of Atonement by Christ is mocked by us every time we sin. Heb 6:6
  2. Though we live in grace we have a responsibility of living the Christ Like Life (for we are the righteousness of Christ).
  3. Our evil deeds shall judge us if we continue deliberately sinning without the recourse of confession to God through His son by faith.
  4. Embrace the message of Grace but keep away from the deceptions some preachers are giving from it.
  5. Denial of purity and Holiness is denying the church from experiencing much of the Supernatural like seen the book of Acts and living a kingdom lifestyle.

I trust you will make up your mind and eschew evil at all cost with a full awareness of His grace empowering you to do that. I love you with the love of Christ.


Evangelist Collins Muzumara

“Sharing Christ, Raising Great People”.

No Weapon formed against you shall prosper.

Beloved, God has led me to minister to someone’s situation. This someone is you reading this post right now. Listen to me! the devil & all your enemies are allowed to form weapons but those weapons are not allowed to be used to harm you. For God said “no weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that rises against shall be condemned”. I don’t care who has spoken negative words against your life & future, I stand as a servant of God & I declare a nullification to those words and any form of vilification against you in Jesus Name. YOU ARE TOO DEFENDED TO BE DESTROYED. Let me hear an amen if that’s you.

Isaiah 54:17.

Jesus is the Greatest -1-


There is non living or dead who is greater than Christ Jesus. All life on earth has been given by Christ Jesus. He is the beginning of life. Light & Purpose are defined by Him. He is the beginning of the beginning, the un-created creator, the one who lives outside time and is never defined by it. He is Almighty “El-shaddai”, He is beyond the definition of human words. Life sprouts from Him. He is all we need, the supreme Savior and Lord, the manifestation of the Trinity, the physical yet spiritual evidence of God Yaweh. The immutable Master, Ageless One, the one who holds the worlds in His hands, too BIG to be fathomed, excellent in Wisdom, ever abiding in Faithfulness, whose LOVE for humanity is beyond comprehension, whose Majesty is Glorious in Splendor, whose life is the Catalytic Energy for the universe. He will never be dethroned, disarmed, shaken, challenged nor changed. He is the rock of ages, the ancient one yet new every time and King of Glory.

Make a decision to accept him in your heart by faith, if not yet, if you have; make him supreme in your life. I bless your life for reading this message, making a decision and taking action on it. I LOVE YOU WITH THE LOVE OF CHRIST.

John 1:1-9